By Jacquie Chakirelis

One of the top digital marketing conferences roared into Cleveland last week (Sept 9th-12th) attracting over 1,700 digital marketers from over 40 countries and keynote speakers from many aspects of digital marketing including actor William Shatner, best known as “Captain James T. Kirk” in the television series Star Trek. Shatner has also garnered several content marketing partnerships with major brands like According to Cleveland’s own Joe Puilizzi, the founder of Content Marketing World, “Mr. Shatner’s storytelling provided the perfect closure to the largest content event on the planet.”

Telling stories may be the key to your business success whether you are part of a marketing team managing a big brand story, an agency leveraging your client’s story or a small business owner that wears multiple hats including “chief storyteller.” B2B and B2C companies are all jumping on the content marketing bandwagon simply because it is a necessary part of doing business in the digital age.

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Today, marketers are all searching for ways to increase the reach and scope of their content marketing efforts. This year’s event presenters addressed this quest from multiple perspectives.

Here are ten quotes from the presenters at this year’s event to inspire you to get started or keep going down the content marketing path:

  1. “Content is the reason search began in the first place.” – Lee OddenTop Rank Marketing
  2. “Why is brand preference declining? We forgot the job of brands: telling stories and creating content.’’ – Don Schultz, Marketing Professor at Northwestern University, also known as the ‘father of integrated marketing’
  3. “Content Marketing means you consistently create and share information that is packed with utility, seeded with inspiration and is honestly empathetic in order to attract customers to you. Empathy is not what you do; it’s what you do for your customers.” – Ann Handley, Marketing Profs
  4. “Social is the gasoline that fuels content.” – Jay Baer, Youtility
  5. “Commit to a niche; try to stop being everything to everyone.” – Andrew Davis, Brandscaping
  6. “When dealing with big data there is no happy ending, just a continuous journey.” – Pam Dider, Cisco
  7. “Content marketing is all about telling a compelling story.” – Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute
  8. “By creating and publishing remarkable content in the form that educates, informs, inspires and entertains, marketers can begin to build relationships with prospects early on in the buying cycle. This fundamental shift is changing the mantra from ‘Always be Closing’ to ‘Always be Helping.’” – Jonathon Lister, LinkedIn
  9. “By 2017 marketers are going to be buying more technology than IT…Let’s all get our minds wrapped around the fact that it’s complicated, yes, but it’s also going to help us share our message.’’ – Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
  10. “If you don’t have the room to fail, you don’t have the right to grow.” – Jonathan Mildenhall, Coca-Cola

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Jacquie Chakirelis is a Senior Digital Consultant with the Northeast Ohio Media Group. As the founder of the nationally-syndicated talk radio program, Family Matters Radio (FMR), she developed one of the first and longest running talk programs for women and moms. An early adopter of leveraging digital platforms, Jacquie secured partnerships with national web publishers and brand sponsorships that garnered over one million subscribers for the FMR podcasts as well as new opportunities for brands to reach and connect with moms online. She collaborated on the national launch of, an online community for moms, and spearheaded the local affiliate growth to achieve significant leadership position among 80 online communities. She’s the recipient of five broadcasting and journalism awards, including four Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards, and an A.I.R. Award for best coverage of maternal/infant health issues. She also received two ADDY awards for her efforts in advertising and public affairs campaigns. As an entrepreneur and a former online marketing manager for a small business membership organization, she is passionate to help small businesses prosper in a digital age. She often speaks on digital PR/marketing issues related to content marketing, social media, community management and online newsrooms.