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Newspapers in Education
The Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) program serves the Northeast Ohio Education Community. Approximately 500 schools use The Plain Dealer, in print and electronically, in the classroom each school year to teach a variety of subjects including social studies, language arts, mathematics, science and more.

By using the newspaper, both in print and/or electronically, along with the accompanying activity guides, students gain a better understanding of their local community and the world around them.  Newspaper use within the classroom helps students to cultivate critical thinking and writing skills, decision-making and problem-solving techniques through a variety of reading, writing, and research activities. Students also develop lifelong reading habits that serve them long after they leave the classroom to become tomorrow’s consumers and workforce.

Research has shown that students who use newspapers as a learning resource, increase reading skills, have a better awareness of the world and their achievement scores are higher. The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Foundation commissioned a study, which found that students in schools with at least some Newspaper in Education programs scored 10 percent better than students in schools that had no Newspaper in Education programs.

Go here for information on the Newspaper in Education Program