The Plain Dealer

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The Plain Dealer is Ohio’s largest daily newspaper with almost 483,000 readers daily and more than 858,000 on Sunday.  Since its founding in 1842, it has been a part of the Cleveland landscape.

In the first issue, the founders said, “Our democracy and modesty suggest the only name that befits the occasion, The Plain Dealer.”

The name had been used by a few newspapers elsewhere, as well as the title for a celebrated 17th-century comedy by English playwright William Wycherly. British statesman Winston Churchill would call “The Plain Dealer” the world’s best newspaper name.

The Plain Dealer has won awards in editorial, photographic and production excellence in local, state, regional and national competitions, as well as the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary in 2005.

The Plain Dealer’s Reach

The Sunday total combined average circulation for The  Plain Dealer is 424,722, making it the 19th largest Sunday paper in the country. 1. The  Plain Dealer has an average Sunday readership of 858,076. 2

The Wednesday-Friday total combined average circulation for The Plain Dealer is 283,954. 3. The Plain Dealer has an average daily readership of 482,059. 4


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