Capture high-value traffic with Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves bidding on keywords so that your website appears in the paid search results, guaranteeing visibility when people search terms that are relevant to your business.

google-adwords-premier-smb-partner-logoNortheast Ohio Media Group is a strategic partner of industry leaders, such as Google and Microsoft. As an authorized Google reseller that also represents Yahoo! and Bing, we design focused pay-per-click campaigns to bring customers to your door. Based on your business’s goals and target audience, our search marketing experts will research and compile a list of keywords that specifically describe your business, product, or service. After your campaign launches, people who use these keywords in online searches will see your ad displayed in their search results. Clicking on the ad will bring people directly to your website.

Search Engine MarketingPaid search advertising is a fast, easy way for highly qualified sales leads to find you. Our customizable solution gives you access to a user-friendly interface that helps you manage incoming sales leads, along with a reports dashboard so you can measure performance 24/7.

See your return on investment with results tracking and performance metrics. By continually optimizing keyword campaigns and advertising language, your results grow stronger, driving customers to your business. Make sure your business gets found in search results. Contact us for a customized search engine marketing program.

Don’t have a website? No problem! We can design and develop a customized landing page as part of your search engine marketing package.