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Day-by-day guide to hashtags

By Elise Yahner

If you’re trying to promote your brand on Twitter or Instagram and you’re not using hashtags, you’re missing an essential element of a successful social media marketing strategy. Hashtags allow you to participate in discussions related to your product or industry. More importantly, they help people who are interested in the type of […]

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Google’s New Battleground for Brands: Micro-Moments

By Jacquie Chakirelis

Do you know how your customers connect with your brand? Do they call you? Do they visit your location? Do they send you an email? Do they interact on your social channels? What do they do when they want something from you? Are you where they need you to be in the moment […]

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Why no one is entering your contest

By Elise Yahner

Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to promote your brand, generate engagement, and obtain leads—unless no one enters it. You spend a lot of time obtaining a prize, setting up the entry form, and making sure your promotion is legally compliant, so you want to ensure that people enter your giveaway. Before […]

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Guide to Giveaways

By Elise Yahner

Prize giveaways are a great way to drive engagement with your brand, but they can also make your business vulnerable to lawsuits or other legal repercussions. It’s best to have your own legal council to advise you on best practices for conducting sweepstakes and contests. Full disclosure—I am not an attorney. But these […]

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7 Things Your Google Analytics Needs Right Now

Here are seven things every business should set up correctly to measure the effectiveness of campaigns in Google Analytics.
1. Establish Goals, Buy Better Traffic
We’ve talked before about the importance of determining the right metrics to measure success. This is where that hard work pays off. Once you know what you need to measure, set up […]

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Americans’ Internet Usage: 2000-2015

By Hollie Betters

It’s easy to assume that everyone uses the Internet for just about everything—and that’s almost true. The Internet touches every part of our lives, from mapping directions, to completing job tasks, to connecting with friends and family. However, as difficult as it is to imagine life without the Internet, it does not have […]

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Audience targeting: a simplified explanation

By Aimee Rohr

Audience Targeting can be defined as “the art and science of using observed, declared and predictive consumer data to create targetable audience segments across networks, platforms and devices.” But, what does that really mean in, laymen’s terms?

Recently, I saw a video series created for Ad Age called “Explain it like I’m Eight,” where […]

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Advance Digital Wins the 2015 Microsoft Digital Marketing Partner of the Year

Advance Digital, an affiliate of the Northeast Ohio Media Group, was named as Microsoft’s 2015 Digital Advertising Partner of the Year. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. Advance Digital was recognized for providing outstanding solutions […]

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Creating loyal car customers

By Jon Burger

J.D. Power recently released their 2015 Initial Quality Study, and much of the early buzz has been around which brands are at the top, and which are at the bottom.  Of note, Kia and Hyundai jumped significantly higher in initial quality, leading the Korean manufacturers as the best initial quality group overall (at […]

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LinkedIn Profile Tips

By Elise Yahner

Lots of people take a “set it and forget it” approach to their LinkedIn profile. You set up your account, update it when you change jobs, but otherwise never touch it. That’s better than doing nothing at all on the world’s largest professional network, but you’re missing out on your profile’s full potential. […]

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