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Giving thanks for marketing tools

By Elise Yahner

When you’re going around the Thanksgiving dinner table sharing what you’re thankful for, the usual sentiments will come up—friendship, love, family. This year, mix it up by giving thanks for the tools that make your life as a marketer easier, even if you have to explain what “Facepage” is to Grandma for the […]

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Your sales team has a problem

By Pam Wagner

In my role as a manager responsible for employment and higher education advertising, I have the opportunity to speak to top-level executives in industries across all sectors.  While I am keenly aware of the technological advancements in my own industry (and am grateful to be working for a leader in this space!), I […]

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Audience Targeting: It’s all about the data!

By Aimee Rohr

In the great, big world of audience targeting, you are only as good as your data. You’ve probably heard of three types of data—first, second, and third party data. First and third party data are the ones you hear about most, but second party data is starting to make itself better known.

First Party […]

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What are KPI’s and why do they matter?

By Tara Verkhlin

You know you need to advertise your business, and digital seems to be where everyone is. You call up your local Northeast Ohio Media Group representative with the goal of selecting a digital solution and getting it up and running as soon as possible, and the first questions your representative asks you is […]

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Segmenting your audience by affluence

By Jared Mills

Knowing your target audience, and being able to locate it, is essential to developing the right marketing campaign for business development. For example, if you own a furniture store, you will attract groups of customers to your showroom based-upon the merchandise you offer. Depending on style, price, proximity, etc., your store will draw […]

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Focus Digital Campaigns with Audience Targeting

How data allows you to identify unique audiences and customize your marketing for them
One of the benefits of digital marketing is the huge amount of data you collect about your customers. Digital channels offer unprecedented insight into how customers find your website, what they do when they get there, and what kind of emails they […]

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What is a ‘talent community’ and why do you need to start one?

By Pam Wagner

For years, employers have been busy filling jobs by collecting and sorting through a batch of resumes from active job seekers and from those who have applied to your company in the past.   Managing that ‘batch’ has been done through paper files, folders on your PC, excel spreadsheets, or, if you had the […]

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Stats to keep in mind for the holiday shopping season

By Elise Yahner

Ready or not, here come the holidays. What’s your marketing strategy to attract holiday shoppers? If you’re not sure where to start, consider these shopping stats and build your advertising plan accordingly.

Spending during November and December is expected to increase 7% over last year to $630.7 billion this year. Are you doing everything […]

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3 Ways to BOOst Brand Awareness

By Elise Yahner

Want to BOOst your brand awareness this fall? Treat your audience to some spooktacular promotions to scare up some business!

Ok, those puns were frighteningly bad (I’ll stop now, I promise), but these Halloween marketing ideas are a good way to inject a little fall fun into your promotions and make your business stand […]

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Join the Social Media Party

How social media marketing strengthens relationships with customers
Small business owners understand that building relationships with customers is the key to success. And when it comes to digital marketing, social media offers a way to grow those relationships online. Not only do a majority of Fortune 500 companies use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to […]

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