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Responsive Rich Media: Take your events marketing to the next level

By Rose Mendel

Back in the day, marketers relied on flyers, billboards and websites to help get the word out about an upcoming event. Now, there is so much technology available to help spread the word, marketers can be much more targeted in their approach and use tools that allow the customer to actively engage with […]

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Becoming a Real Estate Resource

By Brian Almond

As a realtor, have you ever felt as though you’re just one of many faces in the crowd? Do you ever think to yourself; “How can I be found?” or “How can I differentiate myself from all the other realtors out there?” You’re not alone. I’ve spoken with many realtors and brokers who […]

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Understanding SEO

Improving your website’s search engine rankings helps customers find you
Internet searches are the new front doors for businesses. Searches bring more people to company websites than all other digital channels combined. And because those visitors are on the hunt for products or services, they are often ready to buy. For example, 85% of retailers said […]

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Benefits for a Business that Blogs

By Dan Hartman

Too many businesses aren’t willing to put in the time to create and manage a blog because they don’t see the value. True, to start a company blog you have to have someone or a team of people who are wiling to put in the time to create fresh content frequently enough to […]

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Facebook advertising tricks to try now

By Elise Yahner

Stuck in a Facebook advertising rut? If you’ve been using the same creative and targeting for a while, it’s time to shake things up. Even if you’re seeing good results from your ads, there could be room for improvement through experimentation. Here are 7 things to try when creating your next Facebook campaign. […]

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Surefire strategies to select the right distribution channels for your business

By Jacquie Chakirelis, Senior Digital Strategist

Creating content isn’t easy, but tons of Americans do it every day. According to A Day in the Life of the Internet infographic; 1,896 blog posts are published every minute, Twitter users send 500 million tweets per day, 757 million people log into Facebook and 144 billion emails are sent. […]

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Digital Marketing Is Everyone’s Business

Your customers are online. Your small business should be, too
Gone are the days when a business could stay competitive with traditional forms of advertising. Now, most customers turn to the Internet and social networks for information on products and services. In fact, 81% of shoppers report that they research online before they make a purchase.

“Customers […]

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Finding candidates with specialized skills

By Martin Wingate

So, you need to hire a candidate with very specialized skills—maybe an ultrasound sonographer or a pharmacist—but aren’t quite sure where to begin. Finding the perfect candidate, especially when you require a unique skill set, can be very daunting.

Recent global economic growth has increased the demand for top candidates with specialized skills. While […]

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Our Advertisers: Revolve Fashion

When Felice Pierce decided to open her second clothing resale store, Revolve Kids, she wanted to try something different with her advertising for both her new store and her established store, Revolve Fashion. Her sales rep at Northeast Ohio Media Group helped her create a customized digital marketing plan that enabled Felice to reach a […]

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6 things to consider when selecting a digital marketing partner

By Steve Taylor

You are the owner of a B2C or B2B company or are a key marketing decision maker. You receive countless daily, weekly or monthly attempts from account executives representing digital marketing companies wanting to secure a meeting with you to discuss how they can help grow your business. You’ve been concerned about your […]

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