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New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses

  • 15th December 2014
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By Elise Yahner Get found Search engine optimization can sound daunting (how exactly do you get your business on the first page of Google search?) but it doesn’t have to be so mysterious. Start with Google+. Google tends to favor its own products, so creating your business listing there will help your search presence significantly…. Read more

Facebook’s latest push for pay-to-play

  • 17th November 2014
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By Elise Yahner Facebook is making another big change to the way it decides what shows up in your news feed, and this one could have businesses seeing some major differences in their post performance. Starting in January 2015, you will see fewer of what Facebook considers “overly promotional” posts in your news feed. Facebook… Read more

Goodbye to Facebook like-gating

  • 26th August 2014
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By Elise Yahner On August 7, Facebook quietly announced a change in its platform policy that bans like-gating beginning November 5. Though the announcement barely made ripples in the broad business world, it made a tidal wave in the social media realm. For those new to social media marketing lingo, Facebook like-gating is when you… Read more

5 Marketing Tips from BuzzFeed’s VP

  • 24th March 2014
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By Elise Yahner The American Advertising Federation of Cleveland’s March luncheon featured BuzzFeed VP Matt Trotta, who spoke on word-of-mouth marketing in the social age. In case you’re not familiar with BuzzFeed, just take a look at your Facebook news feed. It’s probably filled with links to quizzes, listicles and videos from the site. You… Read more

Cautionary tales of social media mishaps

  • 9th January 2014
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By Elise Yahner Many working adults have what they consider “personal” and “professional” social media accounts. One usually features a polished profile picture and details of career and education accomplishments. The other might have lots of vacation photos, politically-charged posts, and maybe even some evidence of college drinking days. No matter how you view these… Read more

Full page NYT ad features a single tweet

  • 8th January 2014
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By Elise Yahner Twitter and print have collided in a unique and controversial way. CBS Films ran a full page ad in the January 4th edition of The New York Times that included the image of a single tweet that references the film Inside Llewyn Davis ahead of January 12th’s Golden Globe Awards. The tweet… Read more

10 things to remember from MWSMS 2013

  • 3rd December 2013
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By Elise Yahner In November, I had the opportunity to convene with social media gurus from across the Midwest to swap strategies and learn new ways of implementing social media marketing. Authors, company presidents, marketing directors and other industry leaders participated in discussions about teamwork, big data and earned media. Between the conversations on stage… Read more

Three things you need to give your audience

  • 22nd November 2013
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By Elise Yahner If you’re a modern day marketer, you know that content is king. But you can’t just have content for the sake of having something to post, tweet and take up space on your website. Google’s David Mogensen drove this point home with his presentation at November’s AAF of Cleveland luncheon. Mogensen (senior… Read more

Social Media Explained

  • 24th September 2013
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By Elise Yahner Facebook Still the most popular social media outlet in the world, Facebook documents what has happened and let’s you connect with everyone from your best friend to your favorite brand. Facebook profiles are for individuals but Facebook pages are for businesses and organizations. Pages are a great way to add personality to… Read more

How Much Does Northeast Ohio Use Social Media?

  • 15th August 2013
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How much do the people of Northeast Ohio use social media? According to comScore MyMetrix in June, here is the percentage of Internet users in the Cleveland DMA that visited a given social media network at least once in the month: Facebook : 73% LinkedIn: 28% Twitter: 22% Pinterest: 16% Google+: 14% This doesn’t measure… Read more