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5 Reasons to Have Copious Content and One Strategic Voice

  • 30th March 2015
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By Jim Rice In my role on the Automotive Team at Northeast Ohio Media Group (NEOMG), I speak to auto dealers daily regarding the voice, tone, and tenor of their brand strategy. Inevitably, the conversation comes around to content and they ask, “why content on an enterprise site?” The answer is pretty simple: your brand… Read more

The future of TV, digital, and ESPN

  • 23rd March 2015
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By Hollie Betters Bill Condon, ESPN’s Senior Director of Mobile and Digital Sales attended the AAF-Cleveland luncheon on Wednesday to talk about the network’s digital strategy, the future of network TV and how media needs to adapt to survive. Condon kicked off the event with a very relevant quote: “If you don’t like change, you’re… Read more

Google giving preference to mobile-friendly sites

  • 12th March 2015
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By Dave Baumgartner Still think your business can remain relevant online without a mobile-friendly site? Think again. In another effort to improve their users’ experience, Google will begin implementing factors in its mobile search results that will give SEO preference to mobile-friendly sites. Google announced that on April 21, 2015, Google’s mobile ranking factors will… Read more

February 2015 By the Numbers

  • 4th March 2015
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If you advertise on, just how many people will you be able to reach? Well, February marks five months in a row with more than 50 million monthly page views on Plus, the average page views per day (1,918,787) beat last month’s record-setting 1,802,543 page views per day. So it’s safe to say… Read more

B2B Content Marketing FAQs

  • 3rd March 2015
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By Virginia Goulding How long does it take to build an effective content marketing strategy? A minimum of 6-12 months, depending on how much time and investment a company is willing to make. How much content does a company need to create to reach critical mass? There are no official benchmarks, but 40-50 pieces of… Read more

January 2015 By the Numbers

  • 4th February 2015
  • No comments started 2015 with record-setting audience numbers! In January, received 55,878,829 pageviews–2 million more than in December. That’s an all-time monthly page view record, and the fourth straight month of more than 50 million page views. January’s daily average page views also hit a record high of 1,804,543. The new downtown Heinen’s is drawing… Read more

Our Advertisers: Howard Hanna and NM Residential

  • 2nd February 2015
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Real estate marketing can be tricky—it fluctuates with the seasons and the economy, keeping apartment managers, realtors and home sellers on their toes. But one constant that real estate agents and property managers can rely on is print marketing. Both Jamie Natole from NM Residential and Julia Roberts from Howard Hanna say they frequently include… Read more

December By the Numbers

  • 7th January 2015
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December can be a slower month for website traffic due to the holidays, but proved to be an exception last month. Total page views increased by 1.3 million from November. Mobile page views increased by 2.7 million from November. Browns page views nearly doubled in December, thanks to Johnny Football, quarterback controversy and the… Read more

New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses

  • 15th December 2014
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By Elise Yahner Get found Search engine optimization can sound daunting (how exactly do you get your business on the first page of Google search?) but it doesn’t have to be so mysterious. Start with Google+. Google tends to favor its own products, so creating your business listing there will help your search presence significantly…. Read more

November By the Numbers

  • 5th December 2014
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November was a big month for As you can see in our By the Numbers report, received 9.8 million unique visitors and 52.7 million page views in November. That’s an average of 1,757,000 page views a day! Since Cleveland is a sports town, it might not come as a surprise that the sports… Read more