The Plain Dealer PowerZone is the Newspaper Designated Market (NDM) for The Plain Dealer. It is also the distribution footprint of Shop Greater Cleveland, a shared-mail product.


The Plain Dealer PowerZone

The PowerZone is the heart of the 17-county Cleveland DMA, the 20th largest DMA in the country. The PowerZone holds more than half of the population and income of the DMA 1.  The PowerZone consists of Cuyahoga County and the ZIP Codes approximately 10 to 15 miles surrounding the county. The PowerZone includes the communities serviced by the weekly Sun News and The Plain Dealer’s local online partner, cleveland.com.

The PowerZone offers advertisers the ability to saturate the heart of the DMA and to obtain advertising results across all advertising demographics.

There are approximately 1.5 million adults in the PowerZone.  In an average week, the three brands we represent reach a print and online audience of 1 million, along with 653,000 direct-mail pieces, all in the PowerZone.2

In print, the daily and Sunday Plain Dealer alone reach nearly 908,000 or about 61% of PowerZone adults. (The Sunday PDWRAP-UP adds another 60,000 households in targeted ZIPs.)3

Wednesday’s Shop Greater Cleveland, The Plain Dealer’s shared-mail TMC product, provides saturation coverage through its distribution to over 653,000 PowerZone households.

On Thursday, Sun News serves an audience of more than 206,000 with 11 newspapers in local communities in the PowerZone.4

cleveland.com attracts a local weekly online audience of more than 316,000 in the PowerZone. 5


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