Targeted Solutions

PD Wrapup

PD Wrapup

Are your customers  concentrated in specific geographic areas? We have many ways to help you reach them.

Newspaper Inserts Drive Sales

Inserts targeted by ZIP Code are available on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in The Plain Dealer, and on Thursday with Sun News. 70% of Plain Dealer readers agree that newspaper ads and circulars influence their shopping decisions, and 75% of our readers said they used store circulars in the past 30 days. 1

Extend your reach on Sundays by using PD Wrap-up, which adds 60,000 non-duplicated Sunday home distribution in key targeted core ZIP Codes. It is a four-page broadsheet insert package that includes relevant local editorial content from the Sunday Plain Dealer, the SmartSource coupon book, and Parade Magazine. It has a loyal readership based on consumers’ ability to opt-out of delivery.


Achieve Total Market Coverage with Shop Greater Cleveland

Shop Greater Cleveland

Shop Greater Cleveland

In The Plain Dealer on Wednesday, there is even more focus, delivering inserts at the sub-ZIP code level. Reach both subscribers and non-subscribers at the sub-zip code level with our Shop Greater Cleveland shared mail jacket. Non-subscribers receive Shop Greater Cleveland in the mail on Wednesdays — the number one weekday for checking advertising. Offering full-color ads in quarter, half and full page units, our shared mail jackets in combination with an ROP ad or insert in The Plain Dealer also give you the option of reaching every household in the region, with a total distribution of almost 850,000 households.

Dealer Bags

Dealer Bags are a high-impact way to deliver your message. Readers can’t help but notice these colorful, billboard-like advertisements printed on the outside of their plastic Plain Dealer delivery bags. Don’t miss out on this distinct and targeted opportunity to generate great results.

Dealer bags are available every home-delivery day, including Sundays and holidays. They are great for grand openings, special events, one-day launches, coupon offerings, and branding. You can supply the bags, or we can design and print them for you.

  1. Scarborough Recontact Survey, 2011