Find&Save® is an easy way to find local savings. Find&Save makes digital shopping engaging, fun and social for you, wherever you are and however you shop – mobile, web or tablet.

Find&Save allows users to find local sales, all in one place.  It offers a variety of ways to explore a comprehensive collection of great local sales, highlighting retailers, categories, items and user-created collections that are popular with the community.YouTubeVideo

From Macy’s to Target to Walgreen’s and beyond, Find&Save grants access to a wide range of local shopping opportunities – on tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Users can collect only the items they want. As they explore, shoppers can easily create lists of sale items of personal interest. Lists can be saved for in-store viewing on a smartphone, sent to friends or shared with the Find&Save community. Shoppers can browse popular lists created by other locals, or keep a discreet list when browsing for something secret — like a birthday gift.

Never miss a sale – Shoppers can get timely alerts and reminders about expiring sales of interest at retailers they love — so they never miss another opportunity to save.

Share, follow and participate – Whether spreading the word about a great deal or getting advice about a purchase, shoppers can share sale items and lists across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email. To keep tabs on the newest sales of personal interest, Find&Save users can also follow their favorite retailers, shopping categories and user-created lists — as well as tastemakers within the shopping community.

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