Display Ads

Consumers buy from companies and brands they know.  How visible are your products and services?

Northeast Ohio Media Group representatives can help in a variety of ways to ensure your message is seen by the right audience at the right time.  You’ve likely already explored our print advertising solutions and have seen the value in these effective, results driven solutions.  We can add a second facet to your multimedia advertising approach by helping you find digital advertising solutions that work for you and your company.

We deliver a variety of IAB-approved interactive ad formats run-of-site (ROS) or to targeted sections of cleveland.com, as well as offering you extended reach solutions that allow us to take your message to other nationally known websites. These ads are served adjacent to and sometimes within content areas of the websites that best attract your potential customers.

We then develop a layered program that helps you best reach your target audience. These programs can include some or all of the following:

Half Page Ad (300×600 pixels)
In-Story Ad Banner (468×60 pixels)
Medium Rectangle (300×250 pixels)
Leaderboard (728×90 pixels)
Skyscrapers (160×600 & 160×400 pixels)

Rich Media
Utilize rich media capabilities to serve streaming video ads or ads that interact with our users such as rollovers, expandable and floating ads and other similar formats.

Expandable Ads
Corner Peel Ads
Sliding Billboards and Pencil Ads
Interstitial Ads
Mobile Ads

Learn more about our mobile advertising solutions including how to advertise on our mobile apps here

Audience Targeting Solutions

Want to reach a particular audience with your ads? We’ve got solutions that allow you to target by behavior, geographic location, context and more.

Just give me the specs!

So you know what you want and you just need to know the ad specifications? See a full list of specs for all of our ads here and remember that programs purchased through the Northeast Ohio Media Group include free ad creation, so if you don’t have the resources to do it all yourself, we can help!