Honor your loved one in print and online with The Plain Dealer’s obituaries, memorials and online guest books.

The Plain Dealer has been Northeast Ohio’s trusted source of death notices and funeral services since 1842. While continuing this tradition, we now offer additional ways to pay respects on and People from throughout the region and around the world go to these websites to learn of the passing of friends and family members, send flowers, get information including the times and locations of funerals and memorial services, and make charitable contributions.

We offer several ways to memorialize your loved one:

Paid Obituaries, formerly referred to in the paper as death notices, appear at the back of the The Plain Dealer’s Metro section and online. These listings allow you to inform the public of your loved one’s death, life experiences, careers, military service, family members and funeral services.

To place a paid obituary call (216) 999-4860 or

News obituaries are biographical sketches prepared by reporters and published at the discretion of editors. News obituaries normally appear in the back of the Metro section and are also posted online at

To suggest someone for a news obituary please call (216) 999-4187, fax (216) 515-2039 or complete our online form. Please submit these on a timely basis so that they can be printed prior to any scheduled funeral or memorial services.

In Memoriam keeps alive the memory of loved ones. These testaments appear in the back of The Plain Dealer’s Metro section on the anniversary of births and deaths.

To place a paid In Memoriam call (216) 999-5555. has partnered with The Plain Dealer to host online guest books that give you a way to share memories of those who have passed away and offer condolences.