Make our audience your audience

At Northeast Ohio Media Group, we don’t sell products. We sell audience. We pride ourselves on having the largest reach of any media source in Northeast Ohio. By representing the largest daily newspaper and the #1 website for news and information in the state of Ohio, along with a vast regional and national network of digital solutions, we offer a very diverse portfolio of print and online solutions.

We will help you better understand your audience, then create a comprehensive plan to reach it. With more than 100 digital advertising products and two of the most reputable, widely read print publications in our arsenal, we can find a solution to help you meet your goals.

Our audience targeting solutions allow you to pinpoint your desired customer based on a variety of attributes. So whether they are just around the corner or across the country, we can help you target your perfect customer with the right message at the right time.




Nobody is better at delivering Northeast Ohio

If your target audience is in Cleveland or Northeast Ohio, we’re the media partner you need. With advertising opportunities throughout The Plain Dealer, and Sun News, we offer a total audience solution that cannot be matched by any other media outlet. Unlike radio and TV, the brands we represent are accessible day and night, at home or on-the-go, via print, desktop and mobile.

Extend your reach

We have the ability to expand the reach of your marketing message beyond We’ve partnered with premium networks and high quality data providers to target your ideal audience based on behaviors, geography, online interests, keyword searches, purchasing decisions and more.


Audience Targeting

Even if your customers are scuba-diving, bargain shopping moms, we can find them.

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Targeted Print Solutions

Make the most of your advertising budget and serve ads only to the communities you care to reach.

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Cleveland/Akron Area

The brands we represent serve the 4th largest metropolitan population in the Midwest.

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